List of Filipino Movies to Watch The Holiday Season

Holidays are all about spending some quality time with your friends and family and having fun. For that quality time, you plan to play some games, visit places together and to watch good movies. If you are searching for movies to watch with your loved ones, there is no better option rather than Filipino movies. Filipino Entertainment produces a lot of good quality content every year that you will love to watch on holidays.

For those Tagalog movies, you can watch any Filipino movie by logging on to Pinoy Channel. Pinoy Channel is one of the best online movies streaming websites from where you can watch any genre Filipino movie. From oldest to new and from comedy to horror, you will find every movie on Pinoy Channel to watch. Pinoy Channel features not only movies but Filipino TV shows, drama serials and short stories too.

As for some good Filipino movies, here are some of the best ones and their reviews to watch with your family these holiday season.

Mamarazzi (2010)

Mamarazzi is a Filipino comedy genre movie that was released on 25th August 2010. This Filipino movie was directed by Joel Lamangan and is a Regal Film production and Pinoy Channel TV HD.

Mamarazzi is a comedy movie about a mother who acts like paparazzi for her three children which results in some major funny moments.

Violy Langit, is an owner of a small parlor and a mother of three children. Fifteen years ago she found out that she has a medical condition and she has to go under a treatment. Violy always wanted children so she decided to have them before she went under the treatment. 7

Filipino Movies to Watch The Holiday Season

She was blessed with triplets, two girls- Peachy and Strawberry and a boy- DingDong. As a single mother, she always wanted to keep her children happy. As a result, she ends up being over protective and possessive about her three children. As Violy interferes into her children’s life, those moments ends up being hilariously funny that you will surely love to watch with your loved ones.

Cast of the Movie

  • Eugene Domingo asVioly
  • AJ Perez as DingDong
  • Andi Eigenmann as Strawberry/ Peachy
  • John Lapus as Mandy

Pinoy Sunday (2009)

Pinoy Sunday is another Filipino HD Comedy movie that you will enjoy watching with your family together. This movie was initially released on 24th October 2009. It was directed by Ho Wi Ding and Pinoy TV is also written by Ho Wi Ding along with Ajay Balakrishnan.

Pinoy Sunday is a movie about two co workers who lives and works together overseas. One night after work, Dado and Manuel sat down at a bar and started discussing their problems when they saw an old couple fighting over a red couch. The couple abandons that couch on the road and off they went. Here, Dado and Manuel decided to take the couch to their dorm. They searched for a vehicle but couldn’t find one; finally they decided to carry the couch on their foot. The comedy starts on the way where they enjoy many adventures on their way back home.

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