Filipino Movies to Watch The Holiday Season

List of Filipino Movies to Watch The Holiday Season

Holidays are all about spending some quality time with your friends and family and having fun. For that quality time, you plan to play some games, visit places together and to watch good movies. If you are searching for movies to watch with your loved ones, there is no better option rather than Filipino movies. Filipino Entertainment produces a lot of good quality content every year that you will love to watch on holidays.

For those Tagalog movies, you can watch any Filipino movie by logging on to Pinoy Channel. Pinoy Channel is one of the best online movies streaming websites from where you can watch any genre Filipino movie. From oldest to new and from comedy to horror, you will find every movie on Pinoy Channel to watch. Pinoy Channel features not only movies but Filipino TV shows, drama serials and short stories too.

As for some good Filipino movies, here are some of the best ones and their reviews to watch with your family these holiday season.

Mamarazzi (2010)

Mamarazzi is a Filipino comedy genre movie that was released on 25th August 2010. This Filipino movie was directed by Joel Lamangan and is a Regal Film production and Pinoy Channel TV HD.

Mamarazzi is a comedy movie about a mother who acts like paparazzi for her three children which results in some major funny moments.

Violy Langit, is an owner of a small parlor and a mother of three children. Fifteen years ago she found out that she has a medical condition and she has to go under a treatment. Violy always wanted children so she decided to have them before she went under the treatment. 7

Filipino Movies to Watch The Holiday Season

She was blessed with triplets, two girls- Peachy and Strawberry and a boy- DingDong. As a single mother, she always wanted to keep her children happy. As a result, she ends up being over protective and possessive about her three children. As Violy interferes into her children’s life, those moments ends up being hilariously funny that you will surely love to watch with your loved ones.

Cast of the Movie

  • Eugene Domingo asVioly
  • AJ Perez as DingDong
  • Andi Eigenmann as Strawberry/ Peachy
  • John Lapus as Mandy

Pinoy Sunday (2009)

Pinoy Sunday is another Filipino HD Comedy movie that you will enjoy watching with your family together. This movie was initially released on 24th October 2009. It was directed by Ho Wi Ding and Pinoy TV is also written by Ho Wi Ding along with Ajay Balakrishnan.

Pinoy Sunday is a movie about two co workers who lives and works together overseas. One night after work, Dado and Manuel sat down at a bar and started discussing their problems when they saw an old couple fighting over a red couch. The couple abandons that couch on the road and off they went. Here, Dado and Manuel decided to take the couch to their dorm. They searched for a vehicle but couldn’t find one; finally they decided to carry the couch on their foot. The comedy starts on the way where they enjoy many adventures on their way back home.

Dracula Untold (2014)

Dracula Untold (2014) Movie Review

The movie is an inspiration from the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker. The story of this pinoy TV show is a complicate confrontation of humans and bloodsuckers. Dracula Untold (2014) is simply the worth watching horror movie of this year. Do not miss it if you are frenzy about horror movies especially showing up the vampires. The thrilling suspense of this movie will keep you up throughout the movie. Each scene will keep you bewitched and you will feel that cold wave going through you that the real time horror hour leaves.

Dracula Untold (2014) is a production by Michael De Luca and Thomas Tull. Gary Shore has directed this movie. You will watch the story helped by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Ramin Djawadi has created music for Dracula Untold (2014) with all the creepy sensation. John Schwartzman has done the cinematography part. The studios involved are Legendary Pictures, Michael De Luca Productions and Relativity Media.


Universal Pictures holds the distribution rights. Dracula Untold (2014) cast stars Luke Evans (Vlad Tepes), Sarah Gadon (Mirena), Dominic Cooper (Mehmed the Second), Samantha Barks (Baba Yaga), Art Parkinson (Ingeras), Charlie Cox (Cazan), William Houston (Cazan), Ferdinand Kingsley (Hamza Bey), Noah Huntley (Captain Petru), Dilan Gwyn (Governess), Zach McGowan (Shkelgim), Ronan Vibert (Simion), Diarmaid Murtagh (Dimitru), Noah Huntley (Master of the Guards), Thor Kristjansson (Bright Eyes), Joseph Long (Omer), Matthew Nesbitt (Castle Guard) and Ash Cook (Hero Boy).


Dracula Untold (2014) shows up the story of a fresh solicitor who travels from England towards a Dracula’s castle to handle a case. This seemed simple to him but later he, his fiancée and friends faces serious consequences by the inevitable situation created by Dracula.

A young solicitor has sent to Dracula’s castle, by his employer to resolve some estate issue. The Dracula traps and bounds him to remain there. Somehow the solicitor manages to get rid of the castle meanwhile the Dracula leaves his castle to accomplish his mission. The weird happenings start and gains attention. The Dracula goes after the solicitor’s fiancée by making a web around her friends. All the friends of comes to the trap of Dracula soon. The close female friend of solicitor’s fiancée becomes a vampire after the projected plan by the Dracula. The rest of friends then try to bring her back to the real state. Soon the solicitor approaches his fiancée and tie knot with her. The couple is now the target of Dracula. Now both of site links have to confront Dracula to find their way towards a peaceful life. Dracula approaches the wife of the solicitor and establishes a spiritual connection with her by exchange of blood. It becomes a challenge to break this connection. Dracula goes back to castle and rests in his chest. His guardians become active against the solicitor. Finally, the solicitor makes his way to save his wife and gets out of the castle. Their friends assist them and they kill Dracula.

The true fascination lies with the movies encapsulating the story about the bloodsuckers. Dracula Untold (2014) is a nice and creepy extension of the confrontation between the humans and bloodsuckers. Enjoy the mysterious watch on October 17, 2014.

Hundred Foot Journey Movie Review

Life is full of adventure and it is what The Hundred-Foot Journey is bringing up to you. Watch the spice in air coming up in The Hundred-Foot Journey performed by all the way from American and Indian actors. The salty and spicy taste of movie is worth tasting as it brings the sensational rivalry occurring between Indian and French family restaurants. The wish to take lead and ruling over takes you nowhere rather than loosing peace of mind and rest of your life. This movie will unfold a great message of brotherhood and unity. You are highly recommended to watch this movie as it is holding up the lesson our world needs today.

This movie is an inspiration from the novel The Hundred-Foot Journey written by Richard C. Morais. Oprah Winfrey, the producer of this movie, has related this movie with the dire need of understanding the attitudes and behaviors of other human beings you have to live with or confront. She says that you cannot what other person is going through unless or until you are in their place, and this is hard to feel in that way. The Hundred-Foot Journey is coming with a great subject with a great expectation to be appreciated and followed.


The Hundred-Foot Journey cast is bringing Helen Mirren (Madame Mallory), Manish Dayal (Hassan Haji), Amit Shah (Mansour), Rohan Chand (Young Hassan Haji), Om Puri, Juhi Chawla and Charlotte Le Bon. The producers Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Juliet Blake have taken up the directing services of Lasse Hallström. The story has written by Steven Knight. The music has done by A. R. Rahman.

The cinematography has done by Linus Sandgren and the editing is by Andrew Mondshein. The studios involved are Touchstone Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Participant Media, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Amblin Entertainment and Harpo Films. The distribution rights are with Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures.

The Hundred-Foot Journey Trailer – YouTube


The interesting rivalry story of story shows up the two different sorts of restaurants having two different origins. The rivalry goes up at a high extent to get their restaurant on the lead and causes multiple hindrances for each other.


The Hundred-Foot Journey is bringing up the Indian restaurant and French restaurants face to face. An Indian family cannot make living any longer living in India and moves towards France. This family’s member Hassan Kadam leads his family. Hassan Kadam along with his family opens up an Indian styled restaurant in France. They all begin it with great joy and expectations, but all the happiness comes to question when another restaurant owner sounds problematic to them. Madame Mallory, the owner of French restaurant, has her restaurant just across the street.

Madame Mallory has great power to rule over her town. She is unable to bear another restaurant ready to replace her restaurant’s existence. Here a fiery battle begins between the two. The tantrums of each of them build up great hardships to meet their aims. Finally, the rival attitude becomes hard to face anymore by both of the rivals and they feel that they have added too much spice to their lives. Thus, they come together devising some little sweet solution to end up with this rivalry.

Hence, Hassan Kadam and Madame Mallory shake hands to join each other by merging their restaurants. This makes the emergence of a Franco-Indian restaurant combining the two families. It brings back the lost joy to their life.


The Hundred-Foot Journey is an interesting movie to watch without any doubt because it is bringing up a great message to learn from it. The movie will be right there for you in cinemas on August 8, 2014 throughout United States and September 17, 2014 throughout the Phillipines. Do not go missing it.